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Lindsey Montgomery


Welcome to Bash Board Cheese & Charcuterie Co.

My name is Lindsey.  I am a mom of two, a sports addict, and love throwing a great bash!  Over the years,  I've learned that one of my passions is coming up with creative and unique ways to make a party more personal and fun, not only for the person or event you're celebrating but also for your guests.

I started Bash Board because I wanted to share my love for celebrating the things I love with the people I love. 

A stunning artistic Bash board, box, or grazing table gathers people around, breaks the ice, welcomes laughter, and is always a fun experience.  

They also make the perfect one-of-a-kind gift!

Bash Board is the best way to celebrate every occasion. 

Holidays, birthdays, weddings, babies, anniversaries, grand openings,

and new homes. 

Game days, date night, book club, an outdoor concert,

a slumber party, Taco Tuesday, or a backyard BBQ.

Bash Boards can be customized to coordinate with the style and theme of your event.  No two Bash Boards are exactly the same, and I keep my orders to a minimum to preserve the creativity and quality in each and every order.